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Dwana Makeba is the owner and key stylist of Beauty on de Bayou Natural Hair Salon located in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was born and raised in New Orleans and is a pioneer in the natural hair care industry. Just as her grandmother Marie Pearl inspired her to do hair, she has taught and inspired several women to become natural hair stylists.


Dwana is one of the Belles of Bayou Road. Her ongoing involvement in educational sessions, as well as fashion shows, and editorial hairstyling makes her an in-demand stylist and instructor. Makeba is dedicated to the evolution of the craft of natural hair care. She feels it is her ministry and is dedicated to learning and teaching innovative techniques for natural hair care.


Dwana Makeba is a licensed cosmetologist and has over 20+ years of professional natural hair care with consistent experience. She has developed several natural hair care products to help nurture and restore hair to its natural and healthiest state. Her clientele includes Cassandra Wilson, India Arie, a host of local artists, poets, politicians, judges and teachers.  With a clientele base of over 500 loyal people. the business continues to grow and expand each and every day.


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